For today’s International Zine Month Zine Distro Appreciation Day, I ordered Proof I Exist #10 and Marked For Life #6 from Sweet Candy Distro and Press, and Zine Crush #1 from Portland Button Works.

I’ve been meaning to read Proof I Exist since I read a review in the defunct Zine World, so I ordered it from Sage Adderly's distro and press. My friend Taryn speaks highly of Sage, so I got Sage’s zine Marked For Life, too.

Portland Button Works serves not only as a physical store and button-making enterprise, but as Alex Wrekk's online zine distro, and you already know she’s the greatest, so I picked up the first issue of Zine Crush. (I bought the second issue from Alex at the most recent L.A. Zine Fest, and I wanted to read up on this one in anticipation of IZM2013 day 14… as someone who likes the idea of OTHER people’s secrets hidden in plain sight, but uncertain about how I would feel about my own being as exposed, the premise both fascinates and terrifies me.)

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